Although we cannot gather publicly in our church to participate in our Holy Week services, we encourage you to join us virtually as one faith community. Please check slider below to get more information about our services this week.





A follower or student of a teacher, leader or philosopher.


At High Mountain Church we help equip people to be disciples of Jesus.  We have a simple description of a disciple that works for us:


One who worships Jesus

One who follows the teachings ofJesus

One who reflects the character of Jesus

One who serves Jesus 



People begin their journey of faith in Jesus in many different ways.  There is no one model to follow or path that is absolutely correct or fits  every personality We believe the journey is both individual and corporate and both elements are essential in developing your faith in Jesus and growing in spiritual and emotional maturity.  The book of Acts indicates four essential elements to developing as a disciple of Christ: 1. Worship together 2. Pray together 3. Spend time together 4. Share the Lord’s Supper together.  


Here are some of the ways to begin your journey of faith and to stay connected in the community at High Mountain.


Worship Service We invite you to join us in our worship service each week.  We believe that there are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet.   Our style of worship takes many forms; combining elements of both contemporary and ancient practices.  We sing songs of praise and worship, listen and interact with the sermon and weekly share the Lord’s Supper.  Please feel free to join us in any manner you feel most comfortable. Once a month we have a community dinner following the service.  


Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Course:  Jesus said that the greatest commandments to follow can be summed up simply in two directives:  Love God and Love Others. (Matthew 22:36 – 40). The EHD Course focuses on these two commands.

This is considered one course in two parts:  the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course is an 8 week course that helps people to slow down in order to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus.  The Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course is an 8 week course that equips people with practical relationship skills to love others like Jesus.  The EHS Course is offered in the fall while the EHR Course is offered in the spring.



Discover High Mountain Church:  Discover High Mountain is a two week introduction to our community, our foundational beliefs and vision for the future.  We discuss how we can best equip, support and guide you as you develop your relationship with God and become what you believe God has called you to be.  Discover High Mountain Church is offered four times a year. The next offering will be Thursday March 26 & Thursday April 2.