"Transforming Lives Through The Love of Christ"


We saw this sign at Newark Airport a few months ago. “Recharge Here”….(I know it looks like “Recharge Herb”, but thats just the glare!) It was an outlet station for those people who needed to recharge their phones, laptops, notebooks and other electronic gadgets. There were multiple outlets that people just plugged into and allowed […]

Five Dollars

I had a bit of a dilemma the other day. I was walking the dog when I looked down and saw a $5 bill. Now, understand, I never find anything of much worth. If anything I mostly find pennies…and I pick those up. Actually, I use to not pick them up until Susan told me […]

What Can You Control?

One year ago we were hit with what many describe as a once in a lifetime storm, Super Storm Sandy. I hope they are right, whoever “they” are. But I don’t know if they are correct or not. Nobody does. Its just a way to try to alleviate fears and to instill hope. But the […]

The Sound Of Answered Prayer

We had a wonderful weekend during our church retreat at the Taconic Retreat and Conference Center in Milan, New York. I can tell you about all the great fellowship and sharing, the great music and singing. I can tell you about the picturesque autumn scenery and the great fall weather. I love it every year […]