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Reflections from 3/28

We are one full week into our quarantine since we have been back from Israel. It is an odd thing to not be interacting with people face to face. I did appreciate the Zoom Prayer Service we had on Wednesday night because at least we were able to see each other and have actual dialogue. […]

Lord Willing

Back in September of 2018 Susan and I were in the midst of our Sabbatical. We had just visited our son in Texas and drove from there to St. Joseph Missouri, from Missouri to Chicago, from Chicago to Ohio and from Ohio back home. In a car with no air conditioning. It was 106 degrees […]

“That Peaceful, Easy, Feeling”

I prefer “easy”. I prefer “peaceful.” If I had my way, life would be easy and peaceful. I prefer: No worries. No heartache. No stress. No frustration. No anger. No brokenness, hurt, sorry, pain or loss. I prefer: Laughter over tears. Smiles over frowns. Sunshine over rain. Unity over division. Love over hatred. Friendship over […]

Do You Believe in Miracles?

On February 22, 1980, the U.S. Hockey Team beat the Soviets 4-3 to advance to the the Olympic gold medal game against Finland. The funny thing is nobody really remembers anything about that game, which the U.S. won. Instead, it was the victory over the Russians that came to be known as The Miracle On […]

Valentine’s Day

There are several legends surrounding who Saint Valentine was. Most agree on a few salient facts: He was a priest. He was arrested under the rule of Emperor Claudius II around the year 270 AD (CE). He defied Claudius edict that banned engagement and marriages in Rome. He was martyred On February 14, beaten to death […]

Nothing Left Over

Last Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in quite an exciting game. I was rooting for the Chiefs to beat the San Francisco 49ers. Before the game I was going back and forth with my 4 year old grandson who was rooting for the 49ers. He couldn’t understand why I was rooting […]

Table Scraps

“Blessed are the un-entitled, the one hungry for the table scraps, the ones grasping desperately for the hem, the ones satisfied with the simple world of healing without the miraculous performance. They know there is power even in the remnants, the odds and ends. Theirs is the kingdom.” Amanda Held Opelt. My mother use to tell me […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As the Church and the country continues to struggle with racism, and there are questions as to how we are to treat the stranger and foreigner and the sins of the past continue to haunt the present, we take a moment to reflect on the […]

That Time of Year

That Time Of Year So, the Christmas decorations are being packed away for another year. They remain buried in the closet for about 46 weeks and get to see the light of day for a mere six. Kind of like the groundhog, when they come out we know we have six more weeks of Christmas. […]

Caught on Camera

“Caught On Camera” It wasn’t his best moment, that’s for sure. On New Year’s Eve, as Pope Francis was turning away from greeting the throngs of people before he preached his message from the Vatican, a woman grabbed his hands and yanked him with force toward her. In an incident captured on video and spread across […]