"Transforming Lives Through The Love of Christ"

Sunday Worship Service

Welcome! We invite you to join us in our worship service each Sunday morning.  We believe that there are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet.  Our prayer is that our service is a source of blessing and encouragement to you.  Our style of worship takes many forms; please feel free to join us […]

Hawthorne Home Group

Mark Perkins and Barbara Kozak will be leading a new  group at the home of Tony and Holly Palma’s in Hawthorne. The group meets for 6 – 8 week increments.  These groups are a great place to connect, grow together and be formed in the image of Christ through Bible study, prayer, fellowship and shared […]

Progressive Dinner

It’s Back!! The “sometimes” annual High Mountain Church Progressive Dinner is scheduled for Saturday March 3, 2018. For you newcomers (as well as old timers) this is a great event to get to know others in the church. You will be assigned to one home for appetizers and then you will move to a different host […]

Church Membership Class

Every disciple of Jesus is called to belong to a community of faith in order to grow and develop in their relationship with Christ and to serve Him in this world. The Bible clearly instructs us that we belong to a tribe of fellow believers describing the church as a family, a body and a […]

Outward Team – Spectrum Appreciation Luncheon

HM congregation together with the Outward Ministry team will be hosting an appreciation luncheon for Spectrum staff members on Thursday, March 8th. We are having lunch catered and are looking for assistance to help greet and serve between the hours of 11am to 2pm. Please contact Diane Murphy for additional details: tel: 973-202-3103.

Church Board Meeting

Attendees:  Barbara Kozak,Brad Jones, Cathy Brunetti, Donna Bolster, Holly Palma, Stella Moseley. Armando Brunetti, Steven Creange   NOTE: Attention HMC Board Members only