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Enough is Enough

Alyssa Alhadeff – 15 years old
Scott Beigel – 37 years old
Jaime Guttenberg – 14 years old
Martin Duque – 14 years old
Nicholas Dworet – 17 years old
Aaron Feis – 37 years old
Chris Hixon -49 years old
Luke Hoyer – 15 years old
Carol Loughran – 14 years old
Gina Mantalto – 14 years old
Joaquin Oliver – 17 years old
Alex Schacter – 14 years old
Carmen Schentrup
Alaina Petty – 14 years old
Meadow Pollack – 18 years old
Helena Ramsey – 17 years old
Peter Wang – 15 years old
When does it stop?  When do we get so sick of it that real, substantial changes are made?
When do we stop arguing politics and do something?
Someone has said: “The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  If this is true then what we are doing is insane.   Many people say it is a mental health problem. Other countries have people with mental health problems.  But our country has mass shooting problems too.  They are tied together. Something is wrong somewhere.
Kids need to feel safe going to school.  Teachers need to feel safe going to work. Worshippers need to feel safe going to church.  Shoppers need to feel safe shopping in the mall.  Movie-goers need to feel safe going to the movies.  Bikers need to feel safe riding their bikes.  Airports need to feel safe for those flying. Concert-goers need to feel safe going to concerts.  Subway riders need to feel safe in their travels.  The college campus needs to feel safe for students and professors.  Walking on the street shouldn’t require looking over your shoulder.
Sensible gun control laws need to be instituted and enforced.
Semi-automatic guns need to be taken off the streets.
The mental health system in this country needs to be fixed.
People need to “say things when they see things”….or even think they see things.
Kids need to stop bullying.
Hearts need to be changed.
We need prayer.  But our “prayers and thoughts are with the victims” is not enough.
When does it stop?  Something has to change.  Enough is enough.
Lord have mercy.  Lord have mercy.  Christ have mercy.
Maranatha: Come Lord Jesus Christ.