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Progressive Dinner

It’s Back!!
The “sometimes” annual High Mountain Church Progressive Dinner is scheduled for Saturday March 3, 2018.
For you newcomers (as well as old timers) this is a great event to get to know others in the church. You will be assigned to one home for appetizers and then you will move to a different host home for dinner with a new group of people. After dinner, everyone gathers at the church for coffee and dessert.
In order for the evening to work, we need some people to be willing to host either appetizers or dinner in their homes. Of course, the number of host homes needed is dependent on how many want to participate. If you are unable to host, you can always volunteer to bring something yummy to the gathering for dessert at the church.
Many more details will follow, but for now we need to get an idea on how many would like to participate in the evening and if you can host either appetizers or dinner.
Please fill out the following short form to let us know if you can join in. It will be greatly appreciated if you would fill out the form even if you can’t join in.