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For the Birds

About a month ago I put food in our bird feeder for the first time in about two years. I had missed seeing them come around and as the temperatures plummeted and the snow fell in February I figured it was as good a time as any to start feeding them again. Within a few days the birds were calling out to each other and the word had spread….”Free food at the Creanges!” Suddenly we started seeing all kinds of birds. Great communication for a bunch of birds!

What amazes me is that the birds are already there but I do not see them until I put out the food. In the winter I hardly ever see a bird in my backyard or even around the neighborhood. In spring and summer I can hear them chirping but they fly high above or hide in trees. They make themselves as scarce as possible. They may be hidden from me…but they are there. And then when I put the food out… boom!… they come from all directions. And not just your common sparrow but also those seen in the picture of our bird feeder… black capped chickadees, downy woodpeckers and a host of others. All around us is this vast array of birds… beautiful, colorful, unique. And I don’t get to see them until I take the time to feed them, stop, watch and enjoy.

I believe that God’s blessings are all around but we often don’t take the time to see them. We are busy and distracted and His blessings fly by unnoticed, hidden and obscured. But once I stop to “fill the feeder” (myself) with the food of quietness, rest, silence, Scripture, prayer, servanthood, compassion, love, etc….then I will see the movement of God and His blessings will fill me. The Holy Spirit is all around, wanting to come in His beauty, color and uniqueness for us; but we must open the pathways in order for Him to do so. He will not come in uninvited and I will not see Him if I keep my blinders on. I must fill my feeder and I will see Him.

What do you think?

How does it make you feel?