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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day
     I am in agreement  and stand along with this statement from Pastor Rich Villodas from New Life Fellowship in Queens, N.Y.:
Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate so many women in the world.  Mother’s Day is a time of joy and celebration – a day of to acknowledge the debt of gratitude we have for our mothers.
At the same time, Mother’s Day carries with it many different emotions and experiences.  For some, it’s a difficult day; Here’s why:
1.  Maybe you’ve lost your mom.
2.  Maybe your a mom who has lost her child.
3.  Maybe your a woman whose been trying to have a baby but you have not been successful. 
4.  Maybe you’re a single and your waiting to meet the right man and its been difficult and this day reinforces your pain
It’s complicated.
But whoever you are, we want to affirm you.
A.  Whether you have children or not you are all called to be spiritual mothers; You are called tobirth and nurture children in the kingdom of God
B.  Your identity is not based on whether you are a biological mother or not.  Your identity is based on the fact that you are loved unconditionally by God.  That’s where your identity is found. 
    So, to all women: May God carry you through the joys and heartaches of motherhood.  May you cherish all the gifts you have and live in appreciation each day. May you be all God has called you to be so you can live a life of praise and worship to Him.  May you lead others to Christ and help them grow in their faith. May you find the love and peace of Christ as you follow Him.  May He fill your heart with light as you allow Him into the cracks of your soul.  May you feel carried by Him and may you live to carry others.  May He help you to embrace your life and have fond memories of the blessings of your own childhood.  May you define your life not by what you have or don’t have, what you can or can’t do or by what you feel or don’t feel but by the simple fact that your are His.  May that alone be your source of life.  May He heal your broken heart, wipe your tears and assure you that He is in control. May you trust  Him through the dark nights of the soul as well as the bright days of the heart.  And may Christ be formed in you a little more each day.
Happy Mother’s Day

What do you think?  How does it make you feel?

A special Happy Mother’s Day to: my mom who  taught me to laugh and have fun in life and who loved raising her 7 kids; (Richard, Russell, Michael, Steven, Janet, Daniel and Peggy);  My wonderful wife Susan  who cherishes her three children and four grandchildren and is the finest example of a loving mother and grandmother that I have ever seen;  (Janine, Laura and James) And our daughters Janine (Willie and Taylor) and Laura (Vinny and Christian)  who are fantastic mothers and are enjoying their early years of motherhood.  I love watching all of them love their children!
I love you all and have been blessed to share in some way your journey of motherhood.