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Snowstorms and Cardinals

These recent snowstorms have caused havoc in our area. I am not a big fan of all the trouble that snow causes and the many inconveniences that come as a result of the “state of emergency” that seem to be happening every other week. And it has been a bad few weeks. Fallen trees and power lines, dangerous driving conditions, power outages and even death.  March is coming in like a lion and hopefully will leave us like a lamb.
      I loved snow days when I was a kid.  We would go to bed hoping to hear those fire horns blowing throughout the town signaling that school was canceled.   I know that children today love snow days too but probably not as much as we did.  When school was closed, it was closed!  No emails, no websites, no downloadable worksheets.  It was a snow day and that meant no school work.  I think most adults enjoyed snow days more 30 – 40 years ago too.  No four wheel drive to get us to work; , no video-conference calls with people all over the world; no checking emails and “working from home.”  Bosses seemed to understand..It was a snow day.  Parents played with their kids in the snow or took them to a nearby spot to go sleigh riding.  Snow days seemed to be more fun years ago.
     In our backyard at our bird feeder the snow brings out all different kinds of birds.  They are hungry and looking for their food to get by on these cold winter nights.  I love to see the majestic cardinals and marvel how I will often see the male go to the feeder while the female waits  on the fence or in the trees keeping a lookout.  Then, the male will fly back and the female will go and taker her turn eating. The sight of the beautiful cardinal with his mate sitting in the snow is a reminder to me that in the midst of change, busyness, inconvenience and even tragedy, God is there and He is in control.  When I stop to see the beauty I see God working beyond my immediate circumstances.  As in the book of Revelation chapters 4 & 5, which I will be preaching from on Sunday, God is on the throne and I can trust Him to take care of all my needs.  The birds are fed by God (with my help!), He will take care of us as well.  (Matthew 6:25-27).
     The next time in snows (maybe Monday), take a minute to see the beauty in the snow before you go and shovel out your car or open your computer or check your phone.  You may not get a full snow day off of work so try to see God’s beauty in the midst of the inconvenience and hassle.  He is on the throne.
What do you think?  How does it make you feel?