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super bowl challengeWe have partnered with the NJ Coalition with our 3rd annual social media initiative event to spread awareness about human trafficking during the Super Bowl halftime.  During the game, many people post about their thoughts online.  Fans will say what they are eating, what they think of the commercials, or what they think of plays that occurred.  In

the mix we want to share about human trafficking so that people will become more aware of the issue as they click on hashtags that are trending.  This year already has a record breaking ticket sale!

We ask you to do one or more of the following things:
  1. Start spreading awareness before the Super Bowl.  Share info from the official #HTChallenge website
  2. If you sign up on Thunderclap at Thunderclap.it (search for the hashtag #HTChallenge) a message will already be processed and scheduled to post on your social media accounts (such as facebook, twitter, and tumblr) during Halftime.  As this is being typed there are only 33 people signed up (our goal is 250). We want to get this trending!
  3. Repost our facebook posts and tweets! Use the #HTChallenge hashtag!
  4. If you are with an organization, become a participant!
  5. If you feel led to turn off the TV during halftime to explain to those around you about human trafficking, that is totally up to the individual.  If you need pointers, check out the Game Plan to do so!
Recently on our Facebook page we shared about a woman who was trafficked who reflected on how she was prostituted during big sporting events such as the Super Bowl.  While a lot of people have argued stating that it is not true that people look for sexual pleasure from trafficking victims during such events, over the past few years we have read survivor accounts such as the one recently shared that state otherwise.  We also have seen huge busts through task forces over the past two Super Bowls because of the high demand and influx of visitors to stadiums.  There is justice needed for those who are swooped into such exploitation.  While we often hear of the sex trafficking issues during sporting events, there are also labor trafficking where many people are brought in (especially during the Olympics or World Cup) due to higher demand of international visitors to receive money for their businesses, where many are abused in the process.  The same occurs during big conventions and conferences as well.  We want to be able to reveal these situations to the public to let them know that we have had enough of slavery!
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