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Un-Concerned, Calm and Content: Part 2

I love this picture!  It was taken by Tony Palma as part of an assignment I gave after the Saturday morning session at our church retreat last weekend.  We were studying Psalm 131 and discussing how we could, like David, live calm and content lives free of concerns that burden and hinder us.  I asked people to send me a picture of something that represented calm, contentment or un-concern.  Most people sent pictures of things they either observed on Saturday afternoon or something they already had taken a picture of and was in their digital photo collection.  Some people sent a Google image.  The point was not where the picture came from but what about the picture represented God’s calmness, contentment and relaxation.   What I love about this picture, aside from the bright, sharp fall colors against the blue sky and white clouds is the contrast of the dark branches that give the picture a sense of definition and perspective.  It draws me to God.
All the pictures that were sent in were great and will be posted on our website in the next week.  But what makes the pictures great is  not the quality or artistry of it.  What makes it great is that people see God…and themselves…and God and themselves in each picture.  Each picture reminds us that God is in control, He is the creator and sustainer, the One who gives life and hope and grace and peace.  He s the Creator of all the world and yet He is personal.  He spoke creation into existence and He speaks new life into our hearts.  He is the ultimate artist; the Grand Master of the artistic world that surrounds us.  That is why we can have peace and calmness…Because He is in control and when we stop and take in the moments of life we are reminded once again that He cares for us.
When we rush through life we miss the pictures…the reminders that God has for us.  Maybe when we take a picture we stop time…and then can re-enter it whenever we need a reminder that He calls us to  His side…to lie in His arms…to be comforted by His love.  His is in control.  That ought to bring us a sense of calm and contentment.
What do you think?
How does it make you feel?
We would love to see a picture of yours… one that brings you into focus… that is, for you, a picture of clam, contentment and freedom of concern.  Please send it to Stevendc61@gmail.com or text it to (973) 809-4692 and we will include it in our photo gallery.

Psalm 131
My heart is not proud, Lord,
    my eyes are not haughty;
I do not concern myself with great matters
    or things too wonderful for me.
2 But I have calmed and quieted myself,
    I am like a weaned child with its mother;
    like a weaned child I am content.
3 Israel, put your hope  in the Lord
both now and forevermore.