Although we cannot gather publicly in our church to participate in our Holy Week services, we encourage you to join us virtually as one faith community. Please check slider below to get more information about our services this week.

Where is God Leading You?

Where is God leading you?  

What does the future hold? 

Nobody knows for sure and in fact many times God’s plan for your life unfolds incrementally rather than in grand visions (although that happens too!).  We love to hear the stories of how God is changing, challenging, developing and deepening His love in each person’s heart and life. We hope to help walk along the way with you, support you, pray for you and encourage you wherever the Lord  leads and opens new opportunities. It could be as a stay at home parent, working construction in the city, serving on the local school board, coaching your child’s sports program or simply being a kind neighbor. Grow where you are planted!   Here are some examples of where God has planted people here at High Mountain Church: 


Academic ARCH:  The Academic ARCH program is a tutoring service that helps children in the North Haledon area extend and deepen their academic skills during the summer months.  This was cofounded by our Director of Children’s Ministries MaryAnn Jones. MaryAnn has a deep desire to see children learn and develop to their potential.  


Alcoholics Anonymous:  Alcoholics Anonymous is an international mutual aid fellowship with the stated purpose of enabling its members to “stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.” AA is nonprofessional, self-supporting, and apolitical. Its only membership requirement is a desire to stop drinking.  An AA meeting is held at our church every Wednesday night throughout the year. Some of the people in our congregation attend and/or help out at this and other meetings throughout the county.  



Innova Counseling and Wellness Center:  Is a clinical counseling program that has an office at High Mountain Church.  Dr. Susan Creange, Ph.D, specializes in treating anxiety and depression as well as working with couples in need of marital therapy.  Susan founded Innova over 25 years ago because she had a desire to help people integrate their spiritual life and emotional well being.  


Joni and Friends Summer Camps:  After a devastating diving accident at the age of 17  that left her a quadraplegic, Joni Erickson Tada became an accomplished author, painter and speaker inspiring millions of people who have had to overcome physically challenging obstacles.  Each summer Family Retreats offer a safe and accepting Christ-centered environment for individuals affected by disability and their families. The Mecurio family has been serving there for many years, well before they came to our church.  Now, through their influence, we have other people from our church who also participate and hope to see more involvement in the future.  


Justice Network:  Susan Panzica founded the Justice Network, an advocacy group dedicated to alleviating the plight of those vicitmized by human trafficking around the world.  Based in northern New Jersey, the group holds monthly meetings at the church to plan, pray and act. Events include cooperative efforts with other anti-trafficking organizations that raise awareness and funds.  Their purpose is to EDUCATE, EQUIP and EMPOWER friends and neighbors to become abolitionists.