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Whom, Not What

We had an interesting and somewhat humorous conversation at dinner tonight.  The topic was: “If you had one last meal to eat, what would you choose it to be?”  Mine was simple; Depending on what I was in the mood for that day it would be either Susan’s spaghetti and meatballs or a nice, juicy hamburger covered with fried onions and sautéed mushrooms, a side order of french fries and a big, thick, black and white milkshake.  All this while we were eating a delicious meal of cavatelli and broccoli!
Hopefully we all have plenty of time to think about our last meal and plenty of time to plan for it.  This made me think about Jesus’ last meal, the one we refer to as “The Last Supper.”  It struck me that when Jesus thought about His last meal it wasn’t the food that He imagined but the company he would be eating it with.  For Him, what He ate wasn’t nearly as important as whom He ate it with.  As Luke records in chapter 22:13 – 15

When the hour came, Jesus and his apostles reclined at the table.  And he said to them, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. 

Notice that Jesus did not say: “I couldn’t wait to eat this succulent lamb” or “I have been dreaming of drinking this vintage Chateau Le Pin Pomerol!”  His thoughts were not on the food or drink but on His friends being there, especially in the time of His deepest need.  Of all the people in His life that He could have eaten His last meal with He desired most to eat it with His closest friends.  It was not the first meal they ate together although it would be their last.  They spent nearly three years together, sharing many meals and developing a friendship and fellowship that bound their hearts together.  I imagine over the course of that time there were many great stories shared, jokes made, tears shed and lessons learned to go along with the food they ate.
Jesus didn’t have to scramble around to find people to eat His last meal with.  These relationships were built over several years and solidified during shared time and shared eating.  They shared the table of fellowship as brothers.  The food, although important, was secondary.  The love between them was paramount.  So in the most important moments of His life Jesus wanted to be surrounded by those He felt closest to and to whom He entrusted the spreading His kingdom.
It’s fun to think about our favorite meals and and what we love to eat.  But it is  more important to think about whom we want to share those meals with and begin doing it now.  Stop being too busy and make time to spend time… with your friends and family.  Who do you desire to spend time with?  Don’t wait until your last meal!
 What do you think?
How does it make you feel?
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